With love, we can do amazing things.

It's very cool when doing what I do makes someone else happy too.

My jewelry line was started because other people wanted to wear the pieces I made for myself.

I made a website for my pieces, and now I create websites for other people who are also doing their own thing.

Finding you the right layout, font, functionalities, words & colors to show off your endeavor is an obsessive pleasure. I get to play around with that and you get your own space in the Multiverse!

As dreamers and doers, we are helping each other by loving what we do.


Imagine that.

As a freelance agency producer, I work on many different kinds of projects.

Whether I'm at a small Lower East Side shop, a corporate Madison Avenue skyscraper agency or a futuristic production house in SoHo, each gig teaches me something new. 

Whether it's a digital or physical production, I like to immerse myself in every aspect and find solutions for seemingly undoable quests. 

Creating something extraordinary with happy wizards is the best.


I love that.